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 Dear visitor,

This is where you will find answers to most questions about the site.  If the answer you are looking for is not here, please contact us.

Q. I didn't do anything bad, why was I banned from the blog?

A. A moderator may have found that you have signed up with an account that contains real info publicly.  This includes pictures, names, pictures in albums, etc.  If this is not the case, please contact us and we will solve the problem. 

Q. When I select the blog page, there is no blog there.  It is just blank.  Why?

A. This can be caused by a number of reasons.  T.O.P.H is available on mobile, but the blog isn't.  If you are using it on a tablet, iPad, or other mobile device, the blog will not show up.  If you are on a computer and it doesn't work, you possibly need to update Adobe Flash Player.  If you are on a current version and it still isn't working, use Internet Explorer may be the issue. Internet Explorer has quite a bit of flaws, so it doesn't work very well on T.O.P.H. Try switching to Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.  If none of these browsers have helped, you can update Java.  If none of these solutions have helped, contact us.

Q. The blog appears fine, but when I try to sign in, the pop up window doesn't do anything.

A. This could be from using an older computer, or using an old browser.  Try Firefox.  You might need to update your Flash and/or Java.

Q. How do I play the old pixie hollow?

A. To get there, go to Pixie Hollow's homepage, click the country drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, and select either UK or Australia.  Please note that this is not what version we want back.  This is only a piece of it.

Q. Why when I sign up I don't get to play the old Pixie Hollow?

A.  This site is a petition site, and will never have an actual virtual world.  This site is to get the old PH back, not signing up and playing it. 

Got any more questions? Send them in! We'd love to improve our Q&A!

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